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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 19, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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down to about 500 feet in spots across the bay area. so this is one of our active weather days. a couple more shots for rain deeper into the week, but this is the main event. through about 1:00 p.m., the heavy rain continues. snow levels at 2,000 feet like i said before though, a mix down to 500 feet. isolated thunderstorms becoming more problematic this afternoon as we accumulate that daytime heating and into the evening, partial clearing. a cold night ahead. lots to talk about when we get to the full forecast. >> i know you live for this stuff. thank you so much. new this morning, a major announcement was made by san francisco mayor ed lee and the giants regarding the mission rock development project near at&t park. bob joins us live with all the details. >> reporter: good morning. that news conference just
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wrapped up here at pier 48 with ed lee announcing that this city's oldest manufacturer, the anchor brewing company, will be building a new brewery, restaurant and museum at this location, making them the first tena tenant. anchor brewing tells us they've outgrown their current location, which they'll still keep, but by adding pier 48, they'll quadruple their production of beer, bringing 200 new jobs to the city while at the same time, creating a new experience for fans of their brew, which has been in sf for 117 years now. >> we see this as being a bustling center in san francisco. there will be so much going on here. we'll have people wandering around here, going on tours. it will be a destination for locals and tourists alike, so we're very excited about the
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potential we have for exposing anchor to the world. >> so, what we see is increasingly the front door of the ballpark. people coming from the south bay into our ballpark and they have this great brew pub and manufacturing facility and then the rest of mission rock is a public park, kind of like a chrissy field for this side of town tied to some great retail, some low rise offices and some residentials. so it's kind of a little city within a city and it's going to be a beautiful part of the front door of our ballpark. >> the $1.6 billion mission rock project will feature an eight acre park along with 19 acres of office retail and apartments. they're saying it will create roughly 7,000 jobs for the city bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year in tax revenue. now, anchor brewing, they say they'll start producing beer here in 2015, but as far as the brew pub, the part where you can come in and eat and drink, that
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probably won't be until 2017 when the rest of the mission rock project is complete. >> thank you very much. police now releasing a sketch of a man they say attacked and raped a young woman visiting the campus of uc santa cruz. the victim describing him as a muscular white man in his 30s. he has a tattoo on his upper right arm and he wore a dark blue t-shirt during the attack and the woman says he smelled of cigarettes. the 21-year-old victim was treated at a hospital for bruises. how did he fall? that's the question rangers at a south bay park are trying to answer after a hiker fell 150 feet to his death. the man's body was pulled out of the park in san jose yesterday. the man went hiking saturday. rangers say he ventured into a dangerous area that was closed to the public and clearly marked for park visitors to stay out.
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they say deadly accidents like this are rare and preventable if visitors obey the signs. police are calling this an accident. an east bay city is cracking down on internet cafes. the hayward city council says these are hot beds for online gambling. arturo has more with how the city's responding. >> good morning. and the city found out a few weeks ago there could be three of the so-called sweep stakes cafes in operation. it was determined they were illegal gambling operations and the city is now trying to do what it can to shut them down. now, all three opened within the past year. world net business center on the 22,000 block of vermont street has already completely shut down. net connection is on the 700 block of b street and ibiz is in a strip mall on the 22000 block of maple court. they have computer terminals that offer sweep stake games,
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which are considered to be an illegal type of slot machine and other types of gambling which are against state law. the state bureau of control considers these to be illegal gambling operations. l.a. goldstein has a store next to the ibiz cafe. he's been in there and says it looks like people are playing a slot machine game on the computers. >> it looks almost like a reno, las vegas environment. the kolcolors of the carpet, it all dim. shaded out. it's kind of, it's different, i would say. the hayward city attorney tells me the police department has had uniformed and undercover officers investigating and they determined them to be illegal operations. tonight, the city council is considering an emergency ordnance to prohibit the cafes
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with a five-day moritorium. we're live in hayward, nbc bay area news. the double amputee olympic star known for his blades on the track was back in court today for a bail hearing, but as oscar pistorius listened to the case against him, his model girlfriend who he's accused of shooting to death was remembered at a memorial service. her coffin was draped in a white cloth and covered with white flowers. her family says family members and friends traveled from all over the world to make it to the funeral off the southern coast of south africa. hundreds of miles north, details of the alleged crime were released. new details were released. >> reporter: at today's dramatic hearing, we got our first glimpse of the case against pistorius and what his defense might be if this proceeds to a
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trial. state prosecutors claim that during the night, he got out of his bed, he put on his prosthetic legs and walked for seven meters where he fired at the bathroom door behind which his girlfriend. she died later in his arms. >> all the people she knew, can't be -- we're going to keep all the positive things that we remember and know about my sister and we will try and continue with the things that she tried to make better. >> reporter: he says he thought an intruder had entered the home. he was very worried about the security and filled with a sense of dread. during today's emotional hearing, he became inconsolable with details of what happened hours before the shooting were read out. the hearing will continue tomorrow morning. >> pistorius' defense team is arguing he should be released on
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bond -- and give up his two south african passports ch. this morning, a gunman went on a shooting rampage in southern california leaving a trail of victims before finally turning the gun on himself. the shooting started with an apparent carjacking just before 5:00 this morning, then progressed to several locations as the suspect drove around the city. officers say at least three people are dead. several others wounded in six different crime scenes along the roadways. the alleged gunman shot himself right in the middle of that intersection. new details on what may have motivated adam lanza to terrorize sandy hook elementary school. reportedly saw himself as being in competition with anders bravic in norway, killing a total of 77 people in 2011. most of them school children. according to at least one
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published report, lanza's goal was to kill more people and he saw the school in newtown, connecticut, as an e easy target. a connecticut state police spokesman is disputing those claims calling them mere speculation. in a related story, joe biden addressing gun violence. the vice president ready to respond to questions submitted by readers of "parents" magazine. the event will be streamed live on the magazine's facebook page and the white house website. today's town hall is set to set in about an hour and 20 minutes. still ahead, president obama with tough words for lawmakers this morning regarding the budget. what he says will happen if they do not act quickly. and we will take you out to string training and talk to a familiar voice that lets every giants fan know baseball is back. google crosses $800. we'll talk about a guy who probably wishes he would have
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waited until today to sell. coming up.
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new at 11:00, president obama today urging congress to accept more tax revenue aimed at avoiding automatic budget cuts set to go into effect one week from friday, cautioning if the effects occur, our entire economy will feel those effects. the president also taking some shots at congressal republicans, saying their ideas puts the burdens on the middle class. >> just ten days from now, congress might allow a series of automatic, severe budget cuts to take place that will do the exact opposite. won't help the economy. won't create jobs. will visit hardship on a whole lot of people. >> congress right now is currently on recess, which is of course drawing some criticism among voters, but insiders still
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say staffers continue negotiations despite their bosses being away. investors meanwhile pleased with google as that company's stock price tops $800 a share for the first time. scott mcgrew says that's an all time high. >> another all time high. we've had a string of highs for google. that's the big story. google doing incredibly well. 800. that's a nice benchmark. just a nice, round number and worth mentioning. it's up about 1% today, so why the increase? well, perhaps it's because of this. "the wall street journal" says google is thinking about copying apple stores. they're more than just a place to buy a mac computer, they're a place to show off technology and explain it to customers. there are a number of googled powed products out there that could use some explaining. now, do keep in mind not everyone's bullish on google
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stock. this man sold a great deal of his holdings in the company. but what does he know? a lot. he's the chairman of the board. he doesn't have to tell us why he did what he did ch we can't say though he should have waited until today. back to you. >> should have, would have, could have. thanks so much. for baseball players on the field, spring training offers a fresh start. >> and for other, it's a very exciting second career. down to south arizona to check in with lauren scott, who joins us from the stadium. >> a very good morning to you. you know, giants fans in the bay area have such great radio voices to listen to. all season long. we're talking about a hall of famer in john miller, a future hall of famer in dave fleming and a guy that we think of as the marathon man. he does hours upon hours of radio each weekend and he's starting right now in scottsdale. take a look.
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>> spring training is underway. i'm sitting here live at scottsdale stadium. >> as one of the voices of summer that giants fans spend entire weekends with, hearing giants pre and postgame host in february signifies baseball is back. his love of the game and knowledge has translated into a second career in radio. where he starts this season in the press box reflecting on the glory of spring training. >> i say it's our way of giving a hug to baseball. there's optimism at every camp. you go to every camp, 30 teams, everyone thinks they're going to have a great season and everyone's got an even record, but it's the welcome back. >> and over the air from scottsdale back to the bay area, it's never too early to start talking about how the giants can make another run at the title. >> pitch xiaoqiang what carrying
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this club. they have to pitch at home. they have to have a good bull pen and have to win on the road again because the ball club hits more home runs on the road. they're a tougher team on the road, so that's got to happen and then it's the baseball luck that we call it. you know, no injuries. the ball bouncing your way here and there. but over 162 the teams that pitch the best catch the ball the best. they really play the best baseball. they get to the playoffs. >> and one of the great things about marty is he's all into the conversation. you'll always see him with a tape recorder interviewing players, coaches, people around the game and really telling the larger story. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. our dry streak has ended. we are on storm watch. christina loren, how is the radar looking now? >> i wanted to show you some live pictures, but this really tells the story. take a look at these colors coming in. of course, green means light rainfall.
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we're talking about the oranges, the reds, the hot pinks, heavy downpours coming in through the east bay. and then you see this light pink, flashes of white. that's snow coming down. we're getting dusted by snow in the bay area as well as 2,000 feet. it's going to get more interesting as the moments draw on for the next few hours. this is what we're watching. as we head through the next couple of hours, all this moisture's going to continue to press to the south, but we're going to be in the woods for another two to three hours of heavy downpours. also some flashes of lightening. you want to travel cautiously. 17 having shower activity now. we had some snow showers get tig dangerously close to the summit just moments ago, so you want to travel cautiously where ever you're headed. it's also windy and cold. just a good day to stay where you are watching us. nbc bay area. few thunderstorms, hail and lightening possible. temperatures are going to tumble
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today. only maxing out in the upper 40s. we're going to keep that snow level at 2,000 feet, just about all day long. i'm talking about 3 to 6 inches. not just a dusting on mt. hamilton. the kind of snow you can get out there and play in if they open up their roadway tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. as you can see here, some yellows embedded within that green. that's when the front will finally be draped over san jose. we'll have lingering activities. in fact, it will be so cold at 4:00 p.m., that cold activity means more snow. 4 to 6 inches. through about 6:00 p.m. tonight, starting to see the showers detieeriorate and the skies ope back up tomorrow morning. that means for us, a frigid start on the way and we could actually be tracking black ice when we meet back here tomorrow morning. overall though, unsettled weather continues this week. this is the biggest storm we're going to have to get there u. by thursday, a weak disturbance.
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about a 30% chance of a shower. friday, sunshine, staying cool and then finally after saturday when we have another slight chance for a shower, sunday, monday, starting to warm up. dry out. getting a nice, fair stretch of weather in the bay area, but we're going to have to wait for it. >> patience is a virtue. thank you very much. coming up at 11:00, we'll let you know why the first lady blames a midlife crisis for her new hairdo. what she says the secret service would not let her do. you take that away, it's just like another big building. >> plus, a curtain call. why a san jose theatre company may not be back for an encore. dinner's ready.
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locked in a fight trying to keep the beloved theatre company open. auditors say the rep has to do more to keep the doors from closing permanently. its fight to survive has been going on for years. in 2006, the theatre almost shut down before the city stepped in and bailed it out to the tune of $2 million, an amount the ref will have to pay back over the next 25 years. the theatre says shutting down would leave a big time hole in the arts community. >> the arts are the reflection of the soul of the city and i think that it's important to have groups like san jose rep. >> they say they have an action plan to get the auditors off their backs. namely, building up a cash reserve of $200,000 every year. the director says they will have $50,000 in that reserve by this end of this year thanks to foundations and other generous donors. >> when we come back, the first lady reveals the story behind those bangs. >> one of those stories you
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it's been a topic of discussion since the day she revealed them. now, the first lady is talking about what's behind the bangs. >> joking that the new haircut is really just the result of a midlife crisis. the hair stylist revealed on her 49th birthday just a few days before the president's second inauguration. >> this is my midlife crisis, the bangs. i couldn't get a sports car. they won't let me bungee jump. >> so, you went for the bangs. you're the boss of your hair. >> i can do this. this is all mine. >> she can really do whatever she wants and apparently, so can you. >> i'm trying to be like the first lady. >> the flotus. >> got some bangs.
11:26 am
christina loren has some good bangs, too. >> doesn't that get in your eyes? >> right now, it does. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> we can work with that. >> i need to get them cut a little bit. can you trim them up for me? >> you don't want that.
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>> are you sure you don't want to go to a real restaurant? >> no, this food cart is great. [baby crying] >> look at this guy. he used to be a man once. >> what is that supposed to mean? don't you want what he has someday-- family, wife, children? >> lemon, you're a woman. >> of course i am! that doctor was a quack. i don't even know why my parents listened to him. >> i need advice. elisa is coming by this afternoon
11:29 am
to, uh, talk about us. >> ugh, ladies are such a bummer. >> where is this going? how serious are we? [as elisa] why don't you listen to my story about my friend? >> well, where is it going? ladies like to know what that next step is. they--we can't help ourselves. >> oh, believe me, lemon, i want to take that next step. >> you mean, like, marriage? >> no, the one before that. >> moving in together? that's huge. >> no, the thing you do before that. think you in the mid-'90s. >> you haven't had sex?! >> shh. elisa had a very strict, very religious upbringing. she does not take that step lightly. we have, of course... pleasured one another. >> no, stop! i will leave. >> but she wants me to make some kind of commitment before we go forward. obviously, i care about her a lot. but she keeps confusing me with this ridiculous notion that sex and love are somehow connected. >> okay, two things. one, be honest. if this is a big deal to her, do not take that next step unless you are sure. and second, and more importantly, in 2009, i have done it two more times than you!


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